Things To Do In Connecticut

Places To Go In Connecticut

Essex,Ct is one of the many great places to go in Connecticut
Places To Go: Essex, Connecticut

Many is the time that I hear that there is nothing to do, and nowhere to go in Connecticut. I beg to differ. Okay, we don’t have professional sports teams ( I am still hoping for the Whalers to come back though) and natural wonders we make up for with “nooks and crannies”. So, let’s […]

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CT Restaurants

Vito's By The Water, Windsor
Carnival Night At Vito’s By The Water, Windsor

First of, going to try something new here. They say a picture is worth a thousand words,and I have all sorts of new options with the new website, so time to have some fun. I will also say that owner Rob Malfucci knocked it out of the park and the food was every bit as […]

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CT Music Trail

The Shiny Lapel Trio

  Anyone who is a regular of the Griswold Inn on Thursdays knows the Shiny Lapel Trio.  If you are a “member” of the swing dancing community, you know them too. if you are a fan of Monday Night Football, you saw them perform the opening for the Patriots Game in December. If you have […]

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