Things To Do In Connecticut

Say Goodnight Gracie The Life, Laughter & Love of George Burns

Ivoryton favorite Bruce Connelly returns to the Playhouse stage on October 29th, in the hit Broadway show, Say Goodnight Gracie. This stunning tour de force invites you to spend an hilarious, heart-warming evening in the uplifting company of the world’s favorite and funniest centenarian, George Burns, who spanned one hundred years of American entertainment history. […]

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Places To Go In Connecticut

The Scranton Seahorse Inn is a bed and breakfast in Madison Connecticut
The Scranton Seahorse Inn. Madison

Fall Foliage aka Leaf peepin season is rapidly drawing upon us. Most people think that you need to go to the Northwest Hills of Ct, but that is not the case. Rt 77 from Guilford to Durham is a great drive, and so is Rt 156 in Old Lyme, and then a right turn onto […]

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CT Restaurants

Gideon's BBQ smokehouse in Glastonbury is convenient to Portland, Manchester, Hartford and Winsor Connecticut
Gideon’s BBQ Smokehouse, Glastonbury

We are in New England, and that means lobster, chowder, and all sorts of seafood. That’s cool. But having lived in North Carolina, I got exposed REAL Southern BBQ, and got quite addicted to it. Low & slow, with lots of smoke is the only way to “Q”. And for many years, if I had […]

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CT Music Trail

solistic is a connecticut based funk and blues band for hire that specializes in original music
Solistic: We Want The Funk!

Let’s set the record straight. When it comes to get your ass up and out on the dance floor, nothing beats some serious funk music. Most people think “Funk” as disco music. And that’s partially true. Reality is, bands like Parliament Funkadelic and Sly and the Family Stone predate what most people think of as […]

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