Country Tavern

704 Long Hill Rd Guilford, CT
(203) 453-9205

The Country Tavern is a regular “Cheers” tavern in Connecticut, complete with a friendly atmosphere, loyal patrons and good food. However, you have also found the location of the coolest Halloween party in the state. Bad Assets hare in the house rocking you through the night.  So come on down and bring friends.


Now that you found me, leave me a comment and I will give you a prize.

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  1. figmentsousa

    this place is amazing !!!!! great atmosphere—lots of laughs

  2. keyrocco

    I’ve found you!!! I have a feeling that I know what the prize is!!

  3. Edwin Bartlett

    You got them. I will get the details to you by the weekend, but go to Red Rooster Baking and start thinking about what you want

  4. jen anthony

    is this where the boogeyman lives

  5. lola

    i am scared!

  6. Edwin Bartlett

    this is where The Boogeyman resides,when he is in town. I will see if we can get him out for the Halloween Party. Getting him on Halloween is a lot like getting Santa on Christmas. I will have my Hit Squad talk to his peeps, and see what we can do….

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