Happy Hour And More…..

edwin-bartlettI want to take a few seconds to put on my official hat as Chairman, and CSN of Shorelineoutandabout.com. So, here we go.

Starting tonite, and every Friday night, we are going to pick a really cool, and happening place on the shoreline, and just meet up for a social networking thing. A chance to meet other members, a chance that just didn’t happen before. Tonight we are invading the Blue Cottage, 2 Sylvan Ave. Branford (click here for details). They have a deck there, where we can mingle, and seeing how this gorgeous weather is here for a limited time, let’s enjoy it. You can ask me then what CSN stands for.

The next thing I have is discounts.  I am using our numbers, trading advertising cost, whatever I need to do to get you, the member a discount. Such as 15 % off tickets to ” The Fantasticks” at Long Wharf  Theater (click here for details). How about 10% off at Cafe Grounded in Guilford. How do you find out about this? Become a FREE member of shorelineoutandabout.com. FREE now, and forever, provided you join now. Come down and meet us at The Blue Cottage, and see that we are the real deal. We are your neighbors, and we want to be your friends. So get out, get social, get shorelineoutandabout.com


  1. cungemack

    Hi Ed… Sorry, but I believe I’ll miss the call. Unfortunately I just read this, so there’s no way to pull off the ‘Blue Cottage’ tonight. If you give us a little better lead time, I’ll aim to be there. I appreciate the invite though.

  2. cungemack

    FYI… Is it me, or is the timestamps here way off. It says I posted at 3:57, and it’s really 5:57.

  3. Edwin Bartlett

    We will be announcing Happy Hour locations by Thursday Mornings, this way everyone has the chance to weigh in on the next location.

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