When The Game Was Ours: Larry Bird,Earvin "Magic" Johnson. By Jackie MacMullan

CJP.SOA2This book was so much fun.  Jackie MacMullan is a talented writer and this book captivated me from its first page.  In the 1980s there were two basket ball players that so dominated the NBA that they became the face of the NBA.  Those two players were Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  This is their story.  From the first time they met in the NCAA Championship in 1979 to the legendary duals as leaders of their respective teams, this was the most fun I’ve had reading a book in quite awhile.  Even if you’re not a fan of The lakers or The Celtics, this is a book every sports fan should read.  Delving into the history of these two players from their antagonistic struggles to become the best player in the league, to their later years as close friends this story explains how both players made the other one perform at a higher level then each one alone could ever have done so solo.

You cheered when each player won a grueling game against the other and cheered even more when they played together on the Olympic Dream Team in 1992.  One passage in the book showed how they put aside their antagonism to become friends.  Magic arrived in Larry Bird’s home town during the off season (I won’t say why.  Don’t want to ruin the story.)  Johnson arrived not knowing what to expect but left with a new respect for Larry Bird and a foundation to a lifelong friendship.

Don’t let this book pass you by.  It was an amazing book and I’m so happy that I read it.

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