Connecticut Fireworks Events Calendar 2012

Follow this link to the 4th of July Fireworks Displays 2013 Post or the the Events and things-to-do-in-the-CT calenadar. I have all the fireworks, fairs, festivals, carnivals and all the other cool things to do listed here

Check with your Local Park & Rec Department websites, or in Some cases your town communications NON EMERGENCY centers for whether your Fireworks Displays will be shooting on Saturday July 7th. Please note Manchester has already rescheduled until the 8th

Right now, I think it’s my favorite time of the year. Beautiful weather, Fireworks and jus chillin with friends and family. Yes, the fireworks are always the highlight  of the day, but  mostly it’s about just enjoying the simple things in life. I am also pretty sure as we get into July proper, and we are full into fair season, that too, shall be my favorite time of the year. Kinda funny like that…

This year is actually kind of cool when it gets down to it. The 4th falls on a Wednesday, so that is the legal holiday. Because it’s in the middle of the week, lots of people just turn it into a mini vacation. Maybe take the 2nd and 3rd off, or maybe the 5th and 6th. Either way, just very cool when it comes to relaxation. As far as the fireworks are concerned, it is the fireworks fanatics dream come true. You can start catching shows as early as June 23rd in Branford and everyday from June 29th in Hamden to July 8th in Enfield.. Except the 2nd and 6th, because even companies like Atlas Pyrovision have to take a break to reload. By the way, this article would not have happened as quickly ( ok a weekend project) without the help of Sarah Bergeron. One of her many tasks at Atlas is to draw the permits for all the shows in New England, so by her sending me a vast majority of the dates, it made my life easier. And BTW, most of these shows are Atlas productions as well. This company is da bomb. Awesome shooters, amazing shows, and some very dedicated people working 8 to 14 hours to bring you these amazing shows. Trust me, it is hard work, and I know, I have helped Steve Zygmont on his biggest show in Rhode Island. Oh. and they do private functions, special events and festivals as well. Hint, hint…

Okay, so here’s the list. Pretty nice, but I will be adding a ton more. And not just for July, I have info on the various shoots going on at the fairs, and festivals throughout the year.  All the specific times and locations are listed right here on the Connecticut Events Calendar 2012, along with 4000 more events throughout the state…

June 22nd: Talcott Mountain Concert Series Featuring the Hartford Symphony Orchestra

June 23rd: Branford Point

June 27th: Quaker Farms Volunteer Fire Dept. Annual Carnival and Fireworks display

June 29th: Hamden (also Features U.S. Coast Guard Masters of Swing Band), Quaker Farms Volunteer Firemans  Annual Carnival and Fireworks display ( not a typo, Quaker Farms just likes fireworks and carnivals), New Britain Rock Cats Fireworks Night, Danielson Killingly, Talcott Mountain Concert Series Featuring the Hartford Symphony Orchestra

June 30th: Danbury Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival, East Haven, Norwich’s 4th of July Extravaganza, Coventry, Saulsbury Rotary Club’s Lime Rock Fireworks Extravaganza

July 1st: Putnam Park & Rec’s Fireworks, Darien Volunteer Fireman’s Fireworks Display

July 3rd: Vernon Fireworks at Henry Park, West Haven Fireworks at Bradley Point, Fireworks Night with the Bridgeport Bluefish, Shelton Derby ( Music by the Highland Rovers!) Milford at the Westfield Mall

July 4th: Madison Surf Club, New Haven East Rock Park, Washington, Wilton, Rowayton, Weston, Quassy Amusement Park, Lake Compounce, New Britain, New Canaan

July 5th: Meriden Hubbard Park featuring music by the Gronkus Brothers and Pedro Valemtin

July 6th: Windsor Locks Volunteer Fire Departments Fireworks Display, Stafford Springs Race Way Fireworks Night

July 7th: Riverfest Fireworks Display Hartford and East Hartford, Sailfest 2012 Fireworks Display New London and Groton, Wallingford, Lebanon Town Commons, Stafford, New Milford, Portland, Manchester (Featuring David Foster and the Mohegan Sun All-Stars and Special Guest Christine Ohlman!) , Beacon Falls, Greenwich.

July 8th: Enfield Celebrates!

Special note in this one. All the shoots that have a festival going on are awesome, but Enfield has the likes of N.R.B.Q, Skid Row, Dave Mason. L.A, Guns, Skid Row and many more playing. Now throw in fair food, rides, and special events. This is one very serious 3 day festival.

July 13th: New Britain Rock Cats fireworks Night

July 14th: Guilford

July 21st: East Hartland Volunteer Firemans Carnival and Fireworks

July 28th: Fireworks Night with the Bridgeport Bluefish

August 3rd: Orange Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival and Fireworks

August 8th: Fireworks Night with the Bridgeport Bluefish

August 31st: New Britain Rock Cats Fireworks Night

September 1st: Fireworks night with the Bridgeport Bluefish AND the New Britain Rock cats

September 2nd: Fireworks Night at Waterford Speed Bowl. By the way, this is also Demolition Derby Night. Pretty much anything with 4 wheels and an engine will be going to war…

Like I said, I will be adding to this list as I confirm the shows, looking like another 15 to 20 shows, and going to at least September, and the complete information as far as addresses AND directions for those who are going to shoots not in your hometown are on the Connecticut Events Calendar 2012.

Now, here is a very serious display. One of the largest in the world. It’s called” Thunder over Louisville“. And yes, sippin bourbon and watching this show is so at the top of my bucket list.





  1. Vonheller

    AWESOME!!!! Im callin shotgun if you go Ed!

    • Edwin Bartlett

      Isn’t there a law about the two of us and us being less than 1 mile from explosive and/or incendiary devices? FYI Portland, Putnam and Enfield are def on the list.

  2. Andy

    Quaker farms volunteer fire company annual carnival fireworks are 6/27 & 6-29 both nights at 9:45

  3. Edwin Bartlett

    Thanks for the info Chief, I am loading it now into the article, and I will also add it to the calendar. Thinking I can give you all a little push when the carnival starts as well through my social media accounts.

    • Edwin Bartlett

      You are so very welcome, and thank you for coming to the website. If there is anything you want see more of, let me know. Meanwhile tell your friends! Oh, also got every single fair, and am adding all sorts of fun events every day!

  4. Amy Daniels

    Hi Ed! Westfield Connecticut Post in Milford, CT will once again be doing there annual fireworks event on Tuesday, July 3 from 7-10pm. Viewing deck will be located on the Green Level Parking Deck by Rave Motion Pictures and event will include live entertainment, family fun, and various food vendors and retail tie-ins. Call 203.301.2240 for more information or visit our Facebook page at

    • Edwin Bartlett

      Thanks much for this info, I will add it to the events calendar, and make a note of it in the article. Got a contact for Meriden?

  5. Carol P

    Shelton & Derby are set for July 3rd. July 5th raindate.
    Shelton includes a Concert with the Highland Rovers at the Shelton Riverwalk.

    • Edwin Bartlett

      Thanks for that Carol. Saves me a search. Some fireworks are easier to find than others. And the fact that you have the Highland Rovers. Nice day for all of you in Derby & Shelton!

  6. D

    Signs near Rentschler Field in East Hartford advertising a “Giant Carnival” July 4th-8th, with fireworks on Wednesday (4th) and Friday (6th). Can’t find any other advertising or notice, but tons of signs.

    • Edwin Bartlett

      Thanks for the info. I was just doing searches on the web for carnivals today, and did not see anything on it. Will look further into it. Timing would be kind of weird, as Riverfest goes on the 7th. If you see anything more, or who might be sponsoring it, drop me a line, and I will be glad to run it down for you.

      • Kathy

        Kathy Thompson Band will be playing July 3 in Derby from 7-9 for the Derby Shelton Fireworks. Also, Southbury Celebration September 29 there will be fireworks and Kathy Thompson Band will playing.


    • DianeA

      Dreamland Entertainment claims to be coming to Rentschler Wednesday through Saturday.

  7. Edwin Bartlett

    I went online, and Dreamland Entertainment is scheduled to be at Rentschler Field for next week. I also checked, and they are probably using the fact that Riverfest is happening on Saturday, and they are tying into those fireworks. There may be a separate event that they are hosting, but my bet is that they are tying into Riverfest’s Fireworks and not doing there own shoot as they are not advertising a display of their own on their schedule.

    • D

      I would be inclined to agree, but the signs say Wednesday (4th) and Friday (6th), whereas the Riverfest shoot is Saturday (7th). Might just a be little one-off by a local shooter or small company.

      • Edwin Bartlett

        Got to go with the sign, and actually not surprised they did not list it on their website. I see lots of websites that just aren’t well maintained. Kind of sad, as the Internet is where people are getting so much of their information these days…

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