Carnivals in Connecticut

Fair Ferris WheelThe great thing about carnivals is that they tend to be a bit more “intimate”. By that I mean they are usually run by a church, volunteer Fire Department or civic group. It’s truly a community event, and you spend as much time talking to friends and neighbors as you do enjoying the carnival. Because of who is running these carnivals, it’s even more important to attend these. Usually these are the primary fund raiser for these groups and organizations. This is where they make the extra money to do the community outreach programs. Or maybe it’s to buy or replace the equipment that was cut from the budget. Having fun, and doing good at the same time. Cool….

If you are looking for a place to have some serious family fun, enjoy some rides and games, and have all that fair food that we know is nit the best for us, but tastes so damn good, here’s your list of Connecticut Carnivals. For the address and times, just follow this link to Connecticut Events and Things to do Calendar. There is a drop down for Fairs, Festivals, and Carnivals.

If your in a rush, use the search boxes. Make sure you click the “search” button when you have made your selection. And if there is a carnival I missed, just shoot me an email.

May 23rd – June 9th: Danbury City Fair

May 23rd – May 27th: Norwich Rotary Spring Carnival

May 24th – 27th: Hurlbert School Carnival, Weston

June 13th –  17th: Westport Women’s Club, Westport

June 25th – 29th: St Rose’s Church, Newtown

July 10th – 13th: Monroe Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival

July 16th – 20th: New Fairfield Lions Club Carnival

July 23rd – 27th: Our Lady of Pompei, East Haven

July 30th – August 3rd: Easton Volunteer Fire Department Carnival

August 1st – August 4th: Orange Volunteer Fireman’s Carnival

August 13th – 17th: St. Catherine’s Church Carnival, Riverside

August 21st – 24th: St. Jude’s Church, Monroe

August 27th – 30th: St Leo’s Church, Stamford

September 13th – 15th: Assumption Church, Fairfield

September 20th – 22nd: St. Mary’s Church Carnival, Milford


  1. Lynne

    How about St George Guilford?

  2. Edwin Bartlett

    That one always makes it, however at the time that I released this post, I did not have a confirmed date. I will be revising this post shortly, as I have found several more for the list…

  3. Barbie

    Westport womens club, what type of association? Relocating, looking to get involved and network. Thank you.

  4. Jessica Skye

    Is there going to be a carnival in milford mall Connecticut?

    • Edwin Bartlett

      If I remember correctly, they have it late spring. I will keep an eye out for it

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