Fairs in Connecticut

fairs in connecticut

I know it’s only May, but, believe it or not, Fairs in Connecticut start in less than 2 months, so I am giving you all a little head start on your planning.

I know many states have Fairs, just like we do, but there I like to think that Connecticut Fairs have something special about them. I grew up going to the Guilford Fair, and have actually been to a majority of these Fairs. All of them feature the Fair food we all love. They each have Midways and Carnival Games ( I actually won an 8′ long stuffed snake once). They all have great music, some feature the best local bands, and others are big enough that they have National Headliners. But what I like is the events that many other fairs don’t have

connecticut fair foodMany states have horse pulls, but few have oxen pulls. I guess that as we moved westward, oxen were not as heavily used as draft horses. Guess it goes back to the ties to England on that. Many Fairs, including Ct are replacing these pulls with trucks and tractors, but, at least in Ct, most are keeping the oxen. Another event that I have yet to see, but kinda want to is the “skillet toss“. This is exactly what it sounds like. The participants actually throw a frying pan for distance, and in some cases, accuracy. Although some Fairs have a men’s division, usually the participants are women. And this is why I only kinda want to see this event. Thinking that I don’t want to be confused with an ex. After all, us bald guys with goatee’s all look alike…

I will be adding a few more of the smaller Fairs, and also the 4-H Fairs as I get that info. I will also be building a section all about the major fairs in Connecticut, and expanding the calendar listings. That will be in place before the start of the season. To find all the details about the Fairs, check out the Connecticut Events and Things To Do Calendar.

July 11th – 14th: North Stonington Fair

August 9th – 11th: Lebanon Fair

August 16th – 18th: Bridgewater Fair, Wolcott Fair

August 22nd – 25th: Brooklyn Fair

August 23rd – 25th: Chester Fair, Terryville Lions Fair

August 30th – September 2nd: Woodstock Fair, Haddam Neck Fair

August 31st – September 2nd: Goshen Fair

September 5th – September 8th: Hebron Harvest Fair, North Haven Fair

September 6th – September 8th: Bethlehem Fair

September 12th – September 15th: Four Town Fair

September 20th – September 22nd: Guilford Fair

September 21st – September 22nd: Orange Country Fair

September 26th – September 29th: Durham Fair

October 4th – October 6th: Berlin Fair

October 5th – October 6th: Harwinton Fair

October 11th – October 13th: Portland Fair

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