Things to do in Ct: Connecticut Events Calendar 2013

ct-events-calendarThe one thing I really do not like hearing is that there is “nothing to do in Connecticut”. I beg to differ. Contrary to what many people say, Connecticut is a drive thru state with thousands “of things to do”. The problem is, that people drive through on I-95, I-91 or I-84. Time to get off the highway. Connecticut is one of the most interesting States in the Country. We have four real seasons. If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour.

The Connecticut Events Calendar is totally stacked with events for the weekend. Things to do on the Connecticut Shoreline, in the mystic01Connecticut River Valley, Litchfield Hills, and in cities like Hartford, Stamford, New London and New Haven. And I am loading more weekend events everyday. Not just live bands and entertainment, but something for everyone. Every type of museum I can find. Historic, The Arts, Children’s Discovery, Maritime and Military. I will also have Farmers Markets. Every one in the State. Not just the ones on the weekend, but every day of the week.  Connecticut Fairs, Festivals, and Carnivals? Yup. Every one I can find. And if it’s not there, then send me the info. Fireworks? Yup. And not just around the 4th of July, like most other sites. There are so many great displays all the way to Labor Day.  As my “sources” grow, so will the calendar.

By the time I am done with the initial round of uploading events, I will have close to 10K things to do. These are mostly “recurring”. Anything that happens on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency. It could be a 3 month exhibition at a museum, or a fair during a weekend. It could be some great dining special, or even a restaurant week. Once this is done, I will then start adding the “one-offs’. These are exactly that. They are on one day, and then gone. The way I see it, the problem that many of the organizations have, is that they cannot afford to advertise across the whole state. That’s where the Connecticut Events Calendar steps in. Think of it as THE “Big Box” online store for things to do in the State of Connecticut. Does not matter if you are looking for something for the kids, the family, or for those of us who are just a wee bit older. And, in many cases, the listing is free. Send me the details, and images, and I will see what can be done.

Photo by Jody Dole

Photo by Jody Dole

Now, using a calendar that is as massive of this can be a bit cumbersome on any other website. But not The Connecticut Events Calendar. If you are looking for something to do for the day, just click on the State of Ct Icon in the upper left hand corner of the landing page, or “events” on the second line of the navigation bar, or just follow this link. It’s that easy. But let’s say you are looking for some weekend events. Maybe you are in the mood for some great fair food, and don’t know when or where the nearest one is. Or, you have family coming into town, and the nieces and nephews need to be entertained. How do you find something like that. Real simple. When you first get to the Connecticut Events Calendar, you will see search boxes. Just click on the search boxes. You can search by categories, including Connecticut Weekend Events, Connecticut Firework Events, Connecticut Fairs, Festivals, and Carnivals and Connecticut Family Events. There are nineteen categories to choose from. Want to narrow the search down even more? Search by town, or even by category AND town. FYI, to the best of my knowledge, there is no other events calendar that makes finding fun in Connecticut as easy as that, and none of them has an many events as Ct Out and About. It even has a directions and location app, so you can get directions, see where the town is, and get miles and estimated travel time.

So, next time you are wondering what’s going on in the Ct, you now know where to go.









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