The Connecticut Events and Things to Do Calendar 2014

ct-events-calendarFor those seeing this calendar for the first time welcome. For those of you returning for another year, welcome back! As with every other year, the Events and Things to do in Connecticut calendar keeps on growing. It already has over TEN Thousand listings, I have not even gotten to all the farmers markets, and summer events. Here’s a few highlights of what is in store for the year. You can either follow the link I built for you, click on the State of Ct icon in the upper left hand corner, or click on the Ct Events Calendar tab on the navigation bar.

Once you get to the calendar, you can navigate it in two ways. All of us website people love when you go page by page, however, with this amount of listings, it may take you a bit of time to get to the weekend listings when you are checking it out on Wednesday. So the best thing to do is to use the search function. Simply click on the “show advanced search” scroll down, and click on the category you want to look. You can refine the search even more by choosing a town. Once you have made the selection, scroll back up and click on the “search” icon.

Michael Cleary has the unique ability to go from cover to original and back again. This makes him one of the few bands on the Connecticut live music scene with the ability to do so.Live Music in Connecticut

One of my favorite topics. The Connecticut Events and Things to do Calendar will feature all the great summer concert series, the weekend music scene, performances by our various Symphonies, and whatever else I can find for you. The priority will be on supporting the local music scene.

Connecticut Fairs, Festivals, Carnivals and Farmers Markets

Starting in May, Connecticut really kicks the outdoor event scene up a notch. Did you know that there are 127 Farmers Markets in the State? It does not matter what town  you live in, there is at least a half dozen within 20 miles of where you live during on any given day. And, yes, they are all listed. Now add in that between the major fairs, carnivals, and various ethnic festivals, the calendar will give you over 200 listings, and that does not include the various arts & craft fairs and festivals.

classiccarCar and Motorcycle Cruises

Classic cruisers. American muscle. Vintage and antique cars. If there is a night or show in Connecticut, I will find it, and post it. If your preference is motorcycles, I got you covered there as well. Last year I featured over 90 cruise and bike nights, as well as the weekend shows. I know there are more, and I will find them. Some nights kick off in April, but by may, the season will be in full swing.

The Events and Things To Do Calendar gets updated multiple times every month, so check back often. If there is an event you want to list, let me know to. I will do my best to get it on there.

Firework Displays in Connecticut

The Events Calendar will list all the shows that I can find, and not just the ones around the 4th of July. Minor League baseball games, carnivals, and various festivals also feature some great fireworks. We will make sure that you get your fireworks fix all summer long.

connecticut 4th of july fireworks displays



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