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  • If It’s Fall, Then Bishop’s Orchards Is The Place

    Having grown up in Guilford, there are just some things that have always been there, and you just associate with the town. The Green,The Stone House, Faulkner’s Island, and Bishop’s Orchards. Since 1871, the Bishop family has been providing the town with best, and freshest produce available. Reason being, if it’s in season, it is […]

  • Neighborhood Fitness For Workout Flunkies

    I have a funny relationship with fitness, and working out. I never caught on to aerobic classes, kick boxing or the zumba craze. I felt like a dork – stepping left when everyone else was stepping right. I couldn’t afford personal pilates lessons with those crazy contraptions. I ordered the “at home” equipment so I […]

  • Gym Etiquette

    One of my pet peeves has always concerned common courtesy. I just don’t think some people get the concept. It’s real simple, but for some reason, some people are clueless. I don’t know if it is genetics, poor upbringing, or they just don’t give a damn. The gym is no different than the outside world. […]

  • Personal Training-Is It For Me?

    Many people believe that a personal trainer is just a cheering coach who gives you a call when you don’t show up, someone to have a chat with while you work out so you don’t get bored, or someone who makes you feel better about yourself by possibly lying to you and always telling you […]

  • Six Steps To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

    First of all, congratulations to Shoreline Out and About for the successful launch of their first publication. It’s the culmination of a determining a goal, creating a plan, taking action on that plan, and seeing it through to completion to achieve their goal. Their goal – to create the very first web publication benefiting Connecticut’s […]

  • Basic Nutritional Guidelines For Young Athletes

    Adequate carbohydrate levels are critical to optimum athletic performance. Eating carbohydrates before endurance exercise can help performance by “topping off” the amount of glycogen (the type of fuel used first in exercise) stored in muscle and the liver. Athletes should eat 2 to 3 hours before exercise to all time for adequate digestion. The pre […]