• The Bee And Thistle

    This is not what many of you in Connecticut remember as the Bee and Thistle Inn, it’s got a whole new look and a spa too and it is a WOW. Linnea and David Rufo have poured their heart and soul into this beautiful Inn in Old Lyme, Connecticut and it is amazing. It’s the […]

  • Raptor Rescue: A Place Called Hope

    I grew up “redneck”. Not that North Guilford in the 70′s and 80′s was the Bayou or the Appalchians, but to the “Townies”, that’s what we were. My nearest friend was a half mile away, and yes, we WALKED to each others house, and my best friends were at least 3 miles away, and unless […]

  • CT Wine Trail: Jonathan Edwards Winery, North Stonington

    Tucked in the quaint Connecticut borough of North Stonington, lies The Jonathan Edwards Winery.  Known formerly as Crossroads Vineyards, it was purchased by Jonathan Edwards, and the new winery started. What makes this winery differant than most is that they produce both Connecticut Estate wines, and Napa Valley wines. The way they do this is […]

  • Men Of Branford Revealed

    Join the Branford Chamber of Commerce as it presents it’s first “Men Of Branford” calender. This calender not only has 14 of Branford businesses bravest men, but also highlights Branford’s community calender. This is not just a great way to keep track of all that is going on in this great Connecticut town, but portions […]

  • An "Old Man’s" Perspective On Lady Gaga

    Contrary to the comment of my 21 year old daughter, I was not the oldest guy there without a kid in tow. I saw one guy who had me beat by at least 20 years. Regardless, this is not a concert that most people would expect to find me. Bit of enlightenment here, I have […]

  • Claire’s Corner Copia Celebrates 35 Years

    Since 1975, Claire and Frank Criscuolo have been dishing out delicious, homemade foods out of their downtown New Haven restaurant. Now, 35 years later, Claire’s Corner Copia – the nationally-known staple in the Elm City, is getting ready to celebrate and honor its loyal customers with a 35-day long celebration. Kicking off its ‘Claires’ 35 […]

  • Weekend Update: The Shoreline Is Rocking

    This is probably one of the biggest weekends for music you will ever see on the Shoreline. No matter where you go, it’s happening. And the great thing about it is you can start at noon, and not stop until you have to by state law. So let’s close some joints down…. First off is […]

  • Celebrate Come Home to Chester Night

    Fall in New England is not just about “leaf peepin”. For centuries, it was the end of the harvest and a time to celebrate what was hopefully a bountiful harvest, because this meant that they would be able to survive through the harsh winters that we have. So, this weekend, Chester celebrates the history of […]